Having no prior knowledge that this movie even existed, I found myself in the biggest WTF moment of any movie I have ever seen. I enjoy NOT following the latest news about Horror movies. I had never heard of the film TUSK. As an Amazon Prime member, however, I am ever eager to fill my watchlist full of as much horror as possible, considering I feel I have exhausted every possible horror avenue with Netflix, which I soon might drop altogether. I digress.

I liked the names of the starring roles of the films, and then read the synopsis. Sort of. I THOUGHT I read the synopsis, and then found myself saying, “Is that REALLY what they meant?”, about a quarter (or less) into the movie. What I can say, without completely giving it away, it that it OVER EXCEEDED my expectations, and then some. I’m not sure, in this case, if that’s good, lol. That’s nervous laughter, btw. I did “enjoy” it, but I’m definitely still scratching my head. It was original, to say the least. Good for you, Kevin Smith, good for you.

5 out of 5


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