I LOVE Horror movies, more than anyone I’ve ever met. But they don’t all qualify as true Horror. There is no formula for what I consider great or excellent Horror, and it has to be the right combination of several things to get high praise from me. For instance; I am NOT a fan of “found-footage” movies, and consider NONE as actual Horror. Blair Witch was one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life. BUT, As Above So Below was such a surprising exception to that pretty steadfast rule of mine, that I might be open to watch one or two more. Maybe. And so it goes…

I started this site as a sort of record, as I’ve watched hundreds of Horror movies. Some good, a few great, and others not worthy of being called Horror, to say the least.

You are welcome to leave a comment, however, if you are disrespectful or combative in any way, I will block you. You’ve been warned.

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