I must’ve had this in my Netflix que for, I don’t know, months, I suppose. I started watching it two nights ago, and it was alright. It’s well written enough, but up until about the middle of the movie, I wasn’t hooked. I went to bed. I watched the second half last night, and was not disappointed, I have to admit. I’d figured out the plot the first night, and having low expectations for the second half (based on the outcome of most movies that fall short in the beginning), I was pleasantly surprised. This isn’t what I would normally classify as “Horror”, and actually I think it’s more along the sci-fi vibe, but the make up and effects were really well done, in my opinion. I thought it was going to be in the Horror genre, but maybe it’s really a hybrid of sorts? Definitely original, at a time when it seems everything that was ever popular is just being remade.

It gets 3 skulls.


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