I was so stupidly excited to watch this movie. I couldn’t wait to watch it, knowing it was produced by the one and only Guillermo Del Toro, I thought it had to be nearly fail-proof. Nope. The beginning was slow. Ok, not all great movies start off that way, but it could have a strong finish, right? I really wanted this to be good. Really.

Alright, so the first night kept the pace of slow. I started falling asleep, so I decided to finish it up the second night. I was still excited (stupidly) thinking this movie can’t possibly be a dud. When the main character finds some bags in a work-shed furnace, it picks up, gets a little creepy. And then…the turd in the punch bowl. REALLY? That’s nearly 2 hours of my life I will never get back. It wasn’t completely terrible, but most of it was.

1 skull


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