About a month ago, I ran across “19 Underrated Horror Movies You Need To See ASAP” (http://www.buzzfeed.com/annakopsky/candyman-candyman-candyman-candyman-candyman?utm_term=.ntx5e99V9). One of the movies was Martyrs. Having never even heard of this movie, I was interested. Especially after this comment was made: “WARNING: This film has been described as incredibly gruesome and includes possibly one of the hardest scenes to watch in history.” I even reopened my DVD account with Netflix, after discovering they have this movie, and several others on this list. I should have known better. The first movie from that list I watched was The Cube. It was for fail, and boring, and I fell asleep watching it. So, my expectations of this movie were pretty low.

It wasn’t terrible, but it didn’t live up to the hype of “the list”. “…possibly one of the hardest scenes to watch in history.” is a bit of a stretch. As I’ve mentioned before; I love the horror genre, immensely, but my standards are usually faaaaar different than the hive mind. There were some cringe-worthy parts, and was definitely original, so my rating is 3 skulls.


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