Not for the easily spooked

This blog is about, what I consider to be, True Horror…for True Horror aficionados. I am the ONLY person I know that has this obsession; this need for something that is truly scary. Time and again I come across articles and lists of have-to-see, “absolutely terrifying horror” that not only fall short of being the least bit scary, but actually put me to sleep. That crap is a frustrating waste of my time.

My definition of Horror is a combination of things… Scary, gory, surprising, and original (and, sometimes, old-school corny), are just a few of them. Something I can watch again and again, and enjoy it every time. It’s a rare combination, but when it comes together, it makes MY list of things worthy of being called “Horror.” I love learning about new and old Horror. Movies, products, games, webpages, channels, people, directors, SFX … everything!

If you don’t think about this genre every day of your life, this blog is probably not for you. If you are easily offended, and/or a lazy troll, I strongly advise you to move along to something else…this blog is not for you.

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